I came with an open mind and enjoyed the course. The trainer was excellent in his delivery and there was a good mixture of practical and theory Supervisor Skills Programme

Concise, to the point and excellent delivery. Through the exercises the course allows you to self- assess and engages you to come with solutions to the problems that you face. Supervisor Skills Programme

Liked the interactive delivery, the trainer kept interest and there was no death by PowerPoint Supervisor Skills Programme

Great course, lots of things very interesting to know, good learning experience, lots of fun with role play, great refresher of what we should do Team Leader Development Programme

Awesome use of resources (actors) very educational and enjoyable Team Leader Development Programme

Martin is a very personable and informative coach with relevant manufacturing experience Supervisor Skills Programme

For a subject that I have been ‘learning’ for over 30 years, Martin made the course content interesting and fun. Very enjoyable, thanks very much Middle Manager Development Programme

Great engagement from all members – generated good conversation Team Leader Development Programme

Very interesting with good practical exercises and a relaxed atmosphere Team Leader Development Programme

Excellent workshop – well presented. Martin was excellent. It shows he put a lot of work in to give us this workshop Store Manager Programme

I think that Martin is a very genuine and experienced man and I feel he was perfect to deliver this course. He was very helpful and guided people to make conclusions without chastising those who didn’t understand. Store Manager Programme

Great delivery, engaging and listens to everyone’s ideas. Has a great way of simplifying things to allow you to relate it back to the workplace. Store Manager Programme

Martin is fantastic. Keeps the day interesting and upbeat Store Manager Programme

Martin has a fantastic leadership technique that made everyone feel involved Store Manager Programme

Great time! Learnt a lot that will help me to improve myself as a team leader Team Leader Development Programme

The course taught me more about myself than any other course. Martin presented it thoughtfully and did not let any individual hijack or procrastinate. Supervisor Skills Programme

Good to listen to other people’s views, how people have dealt with different situations Team Leader Development Programme

Thank you Martin! You are very approachable and engaging and very helpful! Store Manager Programme

Taking this course was very beneficial. Thanks Martin Team Leader Development Programme

Martin was very enthusiastic and made the two days great fun. I learned a lot about myself and others too. Supervisor Skills Programme

It was very positive and inspiring – thank you! Team Leader Development Programme

Good day. Things were explained well and the tasks were enjoyable. It helped me to see what I am doing right and what I need to do differently. Team Leader Development Programme

The afternoon was very well thought out and presented brilliantly – also very interactive Team Leader Development Programme