Professional Links and associations

Enabling Maximum Potential has developed a number of links with UK Academic Institutions and Professional Bodies who have been instrumental in the research of tools and techniques surrounding Innovation, Improvement and Change. Listed below are some of the connections that have been established.

Warwick Manufacturing Group - Transforming Capability

'Repeated and sustainable innovation is critical to future competitiveness. But too often success is limited by blockages rooted in people and organisational issues. The Transforming Capability toolset equips a company to anticipate these obstacles, and to create an 'enabled' organisation which can adopt, implement and sustain effectively. It has been developed through rigorous research and case studies.'

Aston University - The Transformation Project

'The Transformation Project is funded by the ESRC. The main focus of this project is to take existing theory about project management practice and change management to create a suite of management tools to improve project and organisational performance'.

The Institute for Collaborative Working

The Institute for Collaborative Working (ICW) is the thought leader and driving force behind the development of the BS 11000 Collaborative Business Relationship Framework, the world's first Standard in relationship management, published by BSI (British Standards Institution) based on the CRAFT methodology developed from the collective experience of the Institute's Executive Network.