Don't take our word for it

For a subject that I have been learning for over 30 years, Martin has made the course content interesting and fun. Very enjoyable, thanks very much.

I think this is one of the best courses I have been on. I will be able to manage much better than I have been doing. The content of the course has been great.

Development with a purpose

A Catalyst for Change 'a catalyst is an amazing thing. It is a substance that increases the rate of change, lowering the activation energy required for the change and allowing the change to proceed'

Enabling Maximum Potential is committed to supporting organisations who wish to achieve sustainable growth by developing the knowledge, skill and capability of their staff.

Our expertise lies in developing individuals at all levels within an organisation, helping them to become more confident, more efficient and effective in their current roles and most importantly able to lead their businesses forward into the future.

We recognise that development has to have a purpose and that it should be tied to supporting the achievement of the strategic objectives of the business. Therefore our approach is grounded in understanding the strategic aims of our clients and then tailoring a package of support that will most readily prepare teams to be able to achieve this.